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"If the plan doesn’t work change the plan, but never the goal"

My fitness journey

I have been passionate about health and fitness since i was a child, and it has shaped my life choices to get me where I am today.
I’ve always loved extreme sports and being outdoors in nature.
At first I did athletics, then I played football from the age of 14.
Despite several minor injuries, I persevered until a serious knee injury, which forced me to stop playing football.
During the rehabilitation I started to focus on mobility, strength training and weight lifting in order to get stronger. 

Meanwhile, I tried to improve my strength and also my endurance.
It made me a better version of myself, so I finally found something that I really enjoy.

I spent my childhood in the countryside, and I moved to London when I was young, that's where I really grew up.

The beginning

I started working in the hospitality industry as a bartender, and eventually became an event manager.
I feel it taught me a lot about commitment and humility. We must always stick to the goal we set and never give up.
I also learned from hospitality to understand client's needs, wants and expectations.
I can now use these experiences in personal training and pass them on to my guests.
Because of my love for sports, I spent a lot of time in the gym in addition to my late-night shifts. This led me to turn my attention to the aesthetic side of training which has brought me where I am today;

A fully qualified Personal Trainer. 

The Evolution

In 2019 i suffered in a motorcycle accident, being unable to walk again for 3 months finally came to realise that I would only be consistent in something that I actually enjoy is fitness. 
It wasn’t just about the endorphins I would get after exercising, it's about the motivation to be better every day. 
I would like to use my experience to convey something and show direction so that I can help as many people as possible to achieve their goals more easily.

"Don’t have to be great to start but have to start to be great"

After living in London for 12 years, now since beginning of 2022 basing myself in the city of Budapest and focusing on Personal Training. 
In addition to sports and a healthy lifestyle, I also devote a lot of energy to mental and career development.
My goal is not only to achieve quick results, but to pass on knowledge and a lifestyle that will accompany you throughout your life, and you will find the energy and beauty that comes from it and be able to use it in your life.

"Don’t have to be great to start but have to start to be great"

Working together




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Wall sit


Mission accomplished



Krisz Macsai

Personal Trainer

VI. Dessewffy utca 35.
1066 Budapest, Hungary (HU)


Origym - Level 3 CIMSPA accredited
Personal trainer
Weider Professional - Functional trainer

  Krisz Macsai - Personal Trainer - Budapest